Hosting Agility Websites on Azure App Service

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Hosting Agility Websites on Azure App Service

We are happy to announce that we officially support hosting your Agility Website on on Azure App Service. Azure App Service is Paas (Platform-as-a-Service) offering from Azure and allows you to quickly build, manage, and scale web apps. Internally, we've switched to App Service and has tremendously increased our ability to manage our environments. 

Here's a few tips to get you started!


  1. Updated Agility.Web (greater than 5.0.1512.1). You can use nuget to get the latest release using: Install-Package Agility.Web
  2. Update any filesystem references to use “D:\Home\{custom path}” – this is the directory you can write/read from
  3. Update specific Agility.Web filesystem paths:
    1. Set the contentCacheFilePath=”D:\Home\AgilityContent\” in the agility.web section settings
    2. Set the logFilePath=”D:\Home\AgilityLogs\{website}.log” in the agility.web section trace settings


How to Deploy to App Service?

You can deploy to Azure App Service by importing a publish profile provided into your Visual Studio project and deploy right from Visual Studio using Web Deploy. If you really want to take advantage, you can implement your own Continuous Integration/Deployment.


How to Add a Syncing Web Server?

You simply need to add a single syncing webserver regardless of how many instances are running. A sample Syncing Web Server may look like http://{app-service-name} When content is syncing a sync request will be sent directly to the load balanced address and the instance that receives this request will handle the sync and update a filesytem that ALL instances share. No need for any robo-copy or other proprietary solutions. This is all handled natively!

You can add Syncing Web Servers by navigating in AgilityCMS to Settings > Site Configuration > Syncing Web Servers.


How to check the Web Logs?

You can check your site Web Logs just like you normally do. Since the storage account is shared amongst all instances, your log now contains all logs from all of your instances!

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