Ask Akshay: How to Add a New User

Akshay -

This week's "Ask Akshay" features a common inquiry about user security  how to add a new user to an Agility instance.

New User

To set up a new account, head over to "Settings" in the top navigation. Scroll down to the very bottom and choose "Agility User Security". Once there, click on "New User" located in the top right.

Fill in the new user's first and last name, as well as their email address. Under the "Roles" tab, you can choose the specific roles that you would like to grant the user access to.

Add/Edit User

After filling in the required information, hit "Save & Close". The new user will now appear in the list of users.

Another message that may appear when you click on "New User", is in regards to your licences. If you receive this message, email

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