Ask Akshay: How to Edit Photos in Agility

Akshay -

It is possible to edit photos in Agility once you've uploaded the image into the media and document section. One of the latest features in Agility is called 'Modify Image'. Locate the image that you'd like modified within the media and document section after you've uploaded it. After you've clicked on the 'Modify Image' button located directly below the image, a pop up window will appear with the image itself.

Image Preview

Within this area here you can reset, crop, resize, zoom and even add text to this image. To resize the image, locate the resize icon on the navigation bar.

Modify Image

When the resize pop up window appears, you have multiple options in regards to how you can resize this image. You can either choose one of the preset options in the drop down or fill in your own unique values for the width and height. You can click on the resize button in the pop up window, then click the 'okay' in the previous window. 


This will save the resizing you've done to the image and update the file located within the media and document section.

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