Ask Akshay: How to Change the Top Navigation

Akshay -

This week's inquiry is in regards to the main navigation of an Agility website, and how to make changes to it. The main navigation is primarily managed within the Pages section of the content management system.

Visible on Menu

Once you've chosen the page that you would like to edit, click the Menu tab. Here, you'll find a check box that says "Visible on Menu". This box has to be checked off for the page to appear in the main navigation.


If you would like to change the order of the pages as they appear in the main navigation, you can simply drag and drop the pages directly within Agility. The pages higher in the list will appear to the left within the main navigation, and the lower pages will appear to the right.

Menu Text

The title of each page can also be edited. This can be done within the Settings tab by changing the "Menu Text".

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