What Are Digital Channels?


Introduced to Agility CMS in August 2011, Channels make organizing your Agility-managed content across multiple targets even simpler.

To start off with, there are 5 different kinds of channels:

  • Website
  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile App
  • Facebook Page
  • Content API

Channels are defined by us to start off with, based on the requirements of your individual website.  Initially, everyone starts off with a single Digital Channel for the Website itself, and all of your pages on the sitemap tree will show up under there.



This might look the same as it ever did, but once you add another channel, like a mobile site, or Facebook pages, things start to get interesting.  The graphic below shows


In order to make this work, we've reorganized a few things, which I will walk you through now.

Web Servers


What use to be called "Website Domains" are now called "Web Servers". This allows us to create a separation between the servers or virtual machines where your website code is hosted versus the domains and URLs that you use to access that code. A web server is now quite simply the endpoint URL that Agility synchronizes your content with.


Digital Channels


Digital Channels are now editable in the Settings section, and contain "Digital Channel Domains".  Each channel has a display name, a type, and a reference name.  You can also mark a channel as the "default", which means all traffic that is not directing to some other channel (either based on domain name or user agent) will be sent to this channel.

The real magic of how a Digital Channel directs traffic is based on the domains that are created within that channel.


Each Channel Domain has a URL that is used to decide initially when a given request should be rendered with this channel.  It can also be setup as the preview domain.  User Agent matching can be used to either filter the user between this channel and another one, or to force a user with a specific browser to a certain channel.  For instance, you would use the "Force User Agents" checkbox if you wanted anyone with a mobile browser to be directed to the channel domain "m.mysite.com".

To override the channel displayed on a given domain, you can append AgilityChannel=[ChannelName] to the query string of the current page's URL.

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