How to: Create a new Content Definition


How to create a new Content Definition

  1. Log into Agility and proceed to the Settings section
  2. Under the “Customization” area, click on “Content Definitions”
  3. Click on “New Content Definition” in the top right of the grid
  4. You can pick either a list or an item.  A list is good for things like news, press releases, articles, images and so on.  Items are good for shared content info, and shared HTML.
  5. Choose the type “List”, give it a name and a description
  6. After choosing “List”, it will then create additional tabs (Form Builder, and Form Customization).
  7. Navigate to the Form Builder tab
  8. Click “Add Field”.  The field Name is the unique name for the field.  Title is used on the input form.  Pick the type of field you would like. (Text, HTML, Date, Number, Number with Decimal, True/False, Dropdown List, File Attachment, Image Attachment, Attachment List)
  9. Depending on which Field type you select, you may get additional options.
  10. Add all of the fields that you require for your content type
  11. Navigate to the Form Customization tab.
  12. “Use System Generated Input Form” is checked by default.  Agility will automatically generate the form that the content managers use to enter content.  Click on “Preview” to see what the UI will look like when an Agility user enters this content
  13. If you select “Use Customized Input Form”, then you can customize the input form any way you like.  This is very useful to pull in content from other sources.  For Example, the values in a dropdown list could come from a web service which exposes a list of categories from a specific database.  Click “Customize Input Form” and edit the code. 
  14. Click Save and Close

TIP: When adding fields, “title” and “textblob” field names are special names that are indexed.  These can increase performance of lists of content.

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