Understanding Content Manager Input Forms

Pim -

Let’s use a sample input form for a blog created under Settings -> Content Definition.

We created the following definition of a Blog:

With the following fields:

These images describe what we call a Content Definition. The Blog definition can be used to create a list of content.

A Shared Content list can be created under Digital Content -> Shared Content. This sample is a list named My Blogs:

Next, click New Item and the Input Form for the Blog definition appears:

We can see now how the definition we made is displayed to the content editor as an Input Form. Notice the defined fields and how those fields are displayed. Also, see how the fields properties are reflected:

  • * for required fields
  • date selector for Date/Time fields
  • related content fields as a dropdown select
  • HTML content is enter using a Rich Text Editor

If you try to save the form as shown above, you will receive an error:

These errors appear because the required fields in the Input Form are empty. Any validation introduced in the content definition will be implemented in the Input Form, forcing the content editors to enter correct content.


If we input values for the Title and Date we will be able to save the content.


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