Understanding Input Forms for Content Items: A Blog Example


In Agility, your content is managed by using a series of customizable input forms.      

As a developer, you have full control over the input forms for Content Items and Modules on pages. Each Agility instance will have a series of customized content schemas, which your input forms represent. In this article, we'll walk you through how these work using a 'Blog Post' example. 

The Content Definition

The Content Definition represents your content schema. In this case, our definition is for a 'Blog Post'. We can find this defined in our Settings > Content Definitions.

This is our 'Blog Post' definition:


It has the following fields:


This content definition is used to initialize a list of items and allows you to create a 'Blog Post'. 

Shared Content List

Once you've got your definition set up, you can create a Shared Content list in Shared Content. Here's an example list based off that definition:


Content Item Input Form

Next, you can create a New item in that list:


We can see now how the definition of 'Blog Post' is used to generate an input form for the content editor to use. Notice the defined fields and how those fields are displayed.


  • * for required fields
  • Date selector for Date/Time fields
  • Related content fields as a dropdown select
  • The HTML content is edited using a Rich Text Editor
  • Fields are organized into tabs

If you try to save the form with empty required fields, you'll get a validation error:


These errors appear because the required fields in the Input Form are empty. Any validation introduced in the content definition will be implemented in the Input Form, forcing the content editors to enter the correct content.

If we input the required values and click 'Save', your item will be saved in the list.


In order to make your new content item live and available for your website, you will need to Publish the content item in order to synchronize it with your web server.



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