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Agility CMS is the fastest and most versatile Content Management System available, taking a true content-first approach to structuring and delivering your digital content. Whether it’s for your website, mobile app, smart TV interface, email campaign, or in-store digital signage, well-structured content is essential for delivering the seamless omnichannel experiences that today’s consumers have come to expect.

Agility helps organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences by empowering them to create amazing customer solutions that bridge the online and offline worlds.

What We'll Cover:

  1. Core Concepts
  2. Getting Started
  3. Developer Reference
  4. Extending Agility CMS

Core Concepts

Content Architecture

Agility CMS's unique approach to Content Modelling enables a robust and consistent way to define, and relate your content with endless possibilities.


Stage, Publish, and Unpublish content with ease. Agility offers the ability to Batch Content Changes, Schedule when you want to Publish/Unpublish content and Preview your content changes prior to Publishing!


Agility CMS is a Cloud Hosted solution. We take care of hosting the CMS on Azure, a top cloud infrastructure and service provider. All you have to do is host your Website or Application on whichever hosting platform you prefer.

API's & SKD's

Agility CMS is built to be flexible and powerful so you can design a solution that suits your needs. You develop and deploy your Website (or App, IoT Device, etc.) outside of Agility and pull-in content using our platform SDKs or REST API. 

Page Management

Agility CMS allows you to define 3 things that make working with pages really easy for both content editors and developers to work with. Developers set up the templates and definitions, while content editors determine how and where they want to use those templates and definitions. This part of the content architecture is fundamental to the success of any CMS solution that includes a website.


In Agility, Content comes in the form of Pages, Assets, and Modules. Define how you want your Content to look, Version your Content, and Share your Content across Channels to deliver a true omnichannel experience.

Team Collaboration

Increase collaboration with your team members, while maintaining the quality of your content. Agility gives you the ability to control the content that gets published live to your website through our Publishing Approval Workflow. 


Agility allows you to moderate the security level and access that users have to Pages, Modules, and Assets. This gives Admins the ability to limit what specific users can view, add, edit, and remove in your Instance.

Getting Started

Agility CMS is built to be flexible and powerful so you can design a solution that suits your needs. Being headless, there are infinite ways to integrate with Agility CMS:

Developer Reference

Agility CMS is a cloud-hosted Headless CMS. You develop and deploy your website (or app, IoT device, etc.) outside of Agility and pull-in content using our platform SDKs or REST API.

Extending Agility CMS

Agility CMS provides several ways to customize your experience and integrate with other third-parties.

  • Custom Scripts - Write custom JavaScript that can run while validating content input forms.
  • Custom Fields - Write a re-usable custom field where you control how it renders and what data it saves.
  • Webhooks - Notify third-parties when actions in the CMS occur.


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