Import and Export from Pages and Content

The Import and Export tool has been for getting bulk data into and out of Pages and Content.  It allows multiple pages, modules, content, and linked content to be exported and re-imported easily and reliably.

This will allow for mass-import and export to and from Agility that includes Linked Content, which previous imports did not allow for.

This is a major benefit for folks who wish to do translations from an export of an existing locale, or for those wishing to do a manual find/replace of text in many places throughout the system. 

There are two formats available to be Exported and Imported in: 

  1. A "horizontal" version of the content where each field is represented in a column, and each content type is represented on different Excel Worksheets, similar to database tables.
  2. A "vertical" version of the content, suitable for translation scenarios, where the content is represented in 5 columns:
    • Type
    • ID
    • FieldName
    • FieldValue
    • TranslatedFieldValue

Imported data can now be copied from a previous locale so that only certain values need to be updated, and other values will be pulled from the previous version of the item.

Please note:
There are 2 new columns that need to be on every Excel file to Agility to handle linked content, pages, modules, etc, all in the same file.

The column names are: 

  •  Agility_ContentID  -  the ContentID an existing item. If you want to import new items, it can be blank 
  •  Agility_ContainerName  -  the reference name of the list to import into


An Export In Progress


The All-New Import




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  • Is it possible to get step by step instructions on the import process using a template for translation? I've attempted the import process using the vertical style template and have had no luck.



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  • How to import new item?

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