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This article outlines the steps required for a successful website launch using Agility CMS. It is important to note that the CMS is hosted in our cloud, and this guide is meant to assist in setting up your website that is connected to Agility CMS. There are a few steps here that may require the assistance of our Support team. Should you ever need any help or to ensure a smooth launch process, please notify at least 10 business days prior to launch. 

  1. Pre-launch Deployment Checklist - We have comprised a checklist for application developers to verify their application is setup correctly for a production environment. Please see the Pre-launch Live Deployment Checklist for more details.

  2. Custom CDN URL - If you haven't already, consider using a custom CDN domain for your Media and Documents for SEO benefits. Please see Updating your Media & Documents CDN URL for more details.

  3. Deploy to Live Environment - Ensure your live website/web application hosting environment is setup, and your application has been deployed. This could mean that you’ve developed your application to an Agility Azure App Serviceor you’ve deployed to your own server. For developing sites to an Azure App Service, please ensure you have followed this guideHosting Agility Websites on Azure App Service. 

  4. Sync your Live Web Server - Ensure you have 'Synchronized' your production website to your Agility Instance. Please see How to Add a Syncing Web Server.

  5. Add Custom Host Headers to Web Server - In order for the web server to receive requests for your website on a custom domain, the headers need to be setup on the web server for each of your custom domains. If you are hosting your website/web application with Agility, please contact with your request to add custom domains/host headers. If these domains are already being used by an active site and you are deploying to Azure App Service site, this will require you to add TXT verification records for your domains to validate ownership. Please see Migrating an Active Site to Azure App Service for more details. 

  6. Install SSL any Certificate(s) - If your site is hosted by Agility, you must provide your SSL certificate for installation to

  7. Verify your Agility Configuration - Within the Agility Content Manager, there is an automated checklist that will determine whether your instance has been configured and launch ready. This is for agility configuration only, and does NOT include hosting specifics.

  8. Test your DNS and SSL - Normally the last step before going live, it is important to ensure that you've tested all of your custom domain names and SSL certificate(s) with your production application on the live environment. Please see Testing DNS and SSL Before you Go Live for more details.

  9. Final Step: Flip the DNS - Whether you are launching a new site or migrating an existing one, usually the last step is making live changes to your DNS records ultimately pointing your custom domains to your production web server. Please see Live: Pointing Your Domain for full details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email for assistance.

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