The Sitemap is where your Pages live within Agility.  You can tell at a glance where each Page is, and how it relates to the other pages around it.  We sometimes call this the "Page Tree", and it shows the hierarchy of the Pages as they will appear on the website.

In the top right corner of this panel, to the right of the "Pages" title, you will see a small arrow pointing left . You can click that icon to collapse the Sitemap panel down to make it smaller.  Click again to expand the panel.

sidearrow.PNG                                                                    rightsidearrow.PNG

Language Drop-down

You can choose which Language you are currently working with.  Choosing a different language from this drop-down will reload all of your open items.

Sitemap Actions

  • You can hover over each of the actions below the Language drop-down to discover what it will do. 
  • The Plus sign icon  is used throughout the system for adding a new item.  In this case, it will add a
    new page.


  • The Trash Can icon is similarly used throughout the system to delete an item.  In this case, it will prompt you to delete the current page.



  • The Copy icon is used to copy the current page.


  • The Up and Down icons are used to move the current page up or down in the sitemap.  If you are using a browser with a mouse and keyboard, you can also drag and drop a page to a different location in the sitemap. 



    Remember that once you move a page, however, you will need to publish that page before it will be moved on the live site.

  • The Search icon will lower a search bar down from the action bar and allow you to search for any page within the Sitemap.  If more than one Page is returned by the search, the results are displayed in a flat list. 



Page Icons

There are several different combinations of icons that can show up on the Sitemap to represent the following:

  •  Page
  •  Folder
  •  Link

The state of these pages is indicated by a bubble on the lower right corner of the icon.  This can show whether an item is:

  •  Published 
  •  Published with changes pending
  •  Unpublished
  •  Not initialized in this language


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