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It's a little empty in here. Please excuse us, as we are working on documenting all aspects of Ecommerce and the JS (client) and Service (server) API. 

Below is an overview of functionality available in our APIs.

JS API (client)

From your website, you use the Agility Ecommerce JS API. This API handles the following functionality:

  • Create Customer
  • Get Customer
  • Update Customer
  • List Currencies
  • List Addresses
  • Set Default Address
  • Update Address
  • Get Order
  • Get VoucherURL
  • Update Order
  • Update Order Item
  • Apply Promo on Order
  • Remove Promo on Order
  • Checkout
  • List Customer's Orders
  • Get Attachments for Orders
  • Get Payment Provider
  • List Payment Providers
  • Payment Provider Specific Methods 
  • List Payment Types (Saved Credit Cards)
  • Insert Payment Type (Save a Credit Card)
  • Set Default Payment Type (Set Credit Card as default)
  • Get Products
  • Find Products by IDs
  • Get Tickets
  • Get Tickets by IDs
  • Get Subscription
  • List Subscriptions
  • Update a Subscription



Service API (server to server)

The Service API is only meant to be called server to server and mainly used for integrations with warehouses, shipping providers, and finance tools.

  • List Addresses
  • Set Default Address
  • Update Address
  • Get Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Get Order
  • Calculate Order
  • Update Additional JSON on Order
  • Set Taxes on Order Items
  • Get Order By Tracking Code
  • List Completed Orders
  • Set Order Status
  • List Orders by Status
  • List Orders 
  • Get Order Products
  • Get Order Attachments
  • Get Voucher URL
  • Download Voucher
  • Get Transactions for Order
  • Download Order Attachment
  • Get Order Fulfillments
  • Update Order Tracking Info
  • Set Order Item Statuses
  • Get Order Receipt
  • Get Product IDs
  • Get Product
  • Get Product with Agility Content
  • Create Product
  • Update Product
  • Update Product Variant
  • Publish Product
  • Create Product Variant
  • Search Products
  • Delete Products
  • Delete Product Variant
  • Delete Product Variant Measure
  • Upsert Order Item Return
  • Get Order Item Return
  • Get Order Item Returns for Order
  • Refund Order Item Return
  • Get Shipments for Order
  • Get Shipment
  • Upsert Shipment
  • Delete Shipment
  • List Shipments by Status
  • Create Shipment From Order
  • List Store Credit
  • Delete Store Credit
  • Get Store Credit
  • Create Store Credit
  • Get Subscription
  • Upsert Subscription
  • List Subscription Interval Types
  • Get Ticket
  • Get Tickets by IDs
  • Get Ticket Variant

The Service API has a C# SDK can be found on GitHub Agility Web Ecommerce. Future plans include having this available on as a NuGet package.





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