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Shared Content is your own easy-to-use database for storing and managing content across your website or other digital properties. This could be Blog Posts, News articles, Author bios, or whatever else you can dream up.

Contrary to pages and modules, Shared Content is a place to store content that is not specific to a page on a website. Storing items here allows them to be available to all pages across the site and easily exposed as an API for other services such as apps, or other external websites.

Shared Content is comprised of individual items or lists of items. These items are based on a content schema, or Content Definition as they are referred to in Agility.

Typically, developers will manage the Content Definitions and what fields are available for each type of content. This is managed in the Settings section.

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Creating Shared Content

To create an item or list in Shared Content, you must first have some Content Definitions setup. How to do this is important, but will not be covered in the scope of this article. 

  1. In your Agility instance, click on the  icon on the left-side main menu.

  2. Click on the (+) icon to choose what type of content item you wish to add. You can choose from a content item, a content list, a dynamic page list, or a folder.



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