Managing Media & Documents


In the Media & Documents section, all of the digital files that you want to make available online are stored and accessed from a central place.

You can upload images, PDFs, and Zip files into your Assets folder or even create a grouping of images with your Gallery. 

Creating Folders and Subfolders

To create a new folder, click on the root Assets folder and then click on the add folder button (+)

Next, name your folder and click SAVE

You're done!



Select the folder where you would like to create your subfolder and click on the add folder button (+)

Type in a name for your subfolder

You're done!



Uploading Images, PDFs, and Zip Files

To upload any images or pdfs, simply click on the Upload Files button to upload your files. You can also drag and drop files into this section. 

To upload Zip files, simply click on the Zip File button to upload your zip files. 



You can also conveniently edit your images with our photo editor. 

Select your image and click on 'EDIT IMAGE'


Here, you can make and save edits to your images. 




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