Inline Code - Create a Module


Having your Module Output Template as Inline code provides an easy way to customize the HTML which is returned by the module.

  1. Login to Agility.

  2. Navigate to Settings Module Definitions.

  3. Click New Module Definition.

  4. Enter the NameReferenceName, and Description for your module.

  5. Create fields for your Module via the Form Builder tab for your module definition.

  6. Click the Output Template tab and select Inline Code.

  7. Save your Module Definition and return to the Output Template tab and select Edit Inline Code or navigate to Settings > Inline Code > Module Definitions > {Your Module Name}.

  8. HTML will be automatically generated with your properties available for use. Simply customize the HTML to your liking. To access module properties, use the following syntax: @Model[“fieldReferenceName”]

  9.  Click Save when satisfied and preview your changes. When ready to publish, click Publish to synchronize the template with your production web server.


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