A batch can be viewed as a way to meaningfully group content, pages and modules for the purpose of publishing them together. Adding an item to a batch means that it will be published automatically when the batch itself is published. Items within a batch can still be published individually without impacting the batch itself.

You can add any module or page in the Agility manager to a batch simply by clicking on Batch like on the picture below. Here, you are able to select which batch you want to add the item to.


To manage your batches go to Reports (in the navigation menu, left hand side) and then choose Batches. The page below will appear. Simply click on the batch you want to manage. All the items within the batch will appear on a list and you can from here easily manage the whole batch or items within the batch. Here, you are able to remove items from the batch, publish/unpublish the whole batch or pick out the items you wish to publish/unpublish.  







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