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Page templates, content zones, and modules. These are all terms you have to know when using Agility CMS because they define the structure of your pages. As an editor, you have to be able to drag around modules, change your template, edit content within modules, etc.

It is essential to know how it looks on your web page when you make changes from the Agility manager. This article will walk you through some of the basics you have to know before you dive in.

Page templates

The first picture you see below is an example of a page template from live mode (how it will look once it's published). Here, you see a two-column template. You can tell it is a two-column template because the page is divided into two columns. Here, ‘a brief history’ is in one column (also called content zone A), and ‘Newsletter Signup’ is in another column (also called content zone B). As you see, the choice of the template will determine how your content zones and modules will be framed. If in doubt what kind of template you have or if you want to change it to, say, a one-column template, go to ‘settings’ in the Agility manager. Click here for more information. 



Content zones and modules

You can have several content zones within a template like in the illustration below. Normally, you will have one or two content zones. In this example we got a main content zone (A) and one sidebar content zone (B). Top and bottom content zones will often be available here as well depending on how your developer built your site.  




The modules in this example are ‘rich text area’ and ‘newsletter sign up modal’. As you can see below, module A (rich text area) is placed in Content Zone A. Module B is placed in Content Zone B.




From the Agility manager, you can see and control your content zones and modules from the tab ‘content’. The blue bars represent the content zones and within every content zone, you will see your modules. This is the place to edit, add, and delete modules. Read more about how to edit your content and structure from the Agility manager here.



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