Content Sharing via Sharing Hooks


You are able to share Published Content Items via Share Hooks to popular workflow services such as IFTTT, Microsoft Flow, Zapier, and others.  These services allow for content to be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or syndicated to other online sources.

You can also use this to fire custom logic whenever an item gets published using a custom HTTP endpoint.

This is specifically designed to facilitate sharing published content details with external services. If you are looking for a more flexible, event-driven webhooks then please see Content Webhooks.

Settings - Create a Share Hook

Go to the Agility CMS > Settings > Sharing Hooks.


Click the (New +) 

You will need to get the URL for the webhook from the online service/ or custom HTTP endpoint you wish to use.  You can copy the example JSON Payload onto your clipboard to use in that service. It should look similar to this:

	"contentID": 0,	
	"title": "",
	"description": "",
	"url": "",
	"imageUrl": "",
	"languageCode": ""

Example: Microsoft Flow Setup

If you are using Microsoft Flow, you can create a "Flow" to receive an HTTP Request.  Now paste the example payload into the HTTP Request.  Now you can use the properties such as title, description, url, imageUrl, and languageCode in your flow logic.  

Here is an example Flow for a Twitter post:


After saving the Flow, you can copy the URL from the HTTP Request and paste it into the WebHook settings in Agility.

Sharing Definition

Each Content Definition can have its own Sharing Definition to help map the fields in the Content Definition to the fields in the payload.  This is similar to how Dynamic Page formulas are processed.  

Here is an example.  This can also be set up in an ad-hoc manner for any individual Content Item as well.

Note that when you are editing the Share definition you will see inline help to walk you through the process further.

Sharing A Content Item

When you have saved a Content Item that you wish to share, simply go to the Sharing tab on the item and click the Add Default Sharing button to add the shares that were setup on the Content Definition.  You can also click the "New Share" button to setup a new ad-hoc share for that item.

You can see that this item has a share in the "Scheduled" state.  Once this item has been published, it will be shared based on its schedule time.



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