User Generated Content


What is it?

The User Content section is dedicated to the management of User Generated Content (UGC) from your website. It encompasses all the content on your site that is submitted by your website users. The most common types of UGC are:

  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Votes
  • Blog post comments
  • Reviews
  • Form Submissions


UGC Management

Agility users who have granted UGC access in their Content Manager will be able to manage User Content. Users with access will be able to:

  • View user content that gets submitted
  • Approve incoming user generated content 
  • Decline incoming user generated content

Some of the levels of access that can be assigned to a user, as well as their respective access to UGC, are:

  • UGC Readers can access user content but will not be able to manage content
  • UGC Moderators can access user content and moderate specific content from users
  • Senior Moderators can access user content to moderate all content from users and to receive escalations
  • Administrators can use all functions within the system

To learn how to Assign or Change an Agility User’s role, click here:

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