All purchases in Agility Ecommerce are done through an Order. This can be created in several different ways:

  • When a user navigates through your website and adds items to their cart.
  • Through the Agility Point of Sale (POS) App.
  • Directly in the Content Manager. 

Order Listing

All Orders in each different status are available from the main Orders listing.  You can click on the status counts across the top to filter the list to a particular status, and you can use the Date selection to filter which time from you want to view. You can also search for an Order using free text.

QA Mode

Note the toggle between Live and QA mode here - this is how you can test your Ecommerce system with orders made on the staging site.


Order Details

From here you can create a new Order, add Products (or Tickets), create or choose a Customer, apply Promotions, and manage all other aspects of an Order.  

When you choose a customer, the Billing and Shipping tabs will be pre-populated with Address information from the customer.

If you have Products or Tickets on this Order that require manual fulfillment, then they will appear on the Fulfillment tab. 

Payments Tab

Any payments made on this Order will appear on the Payments tab.  You can see the status of the Payment, and optionally perform a refund if necessary.


You can add and manage Returns through the Returns tab.

Note that this is a feature that must be enabled in the Ecommerce Settings section.


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