Promotions provide a powerful way to generate more sales on your website and are extremely configurable within the Content Manager. 

You can provide your own code, and choose from a Percentage or Dollar value discount.  See below for an explanation of the various options.


  • Apply to Whole Order
    • Check this option to apply the promotion to the subtotal for the order.  Otherwise, it will only be applied to the products that it applies to.
  • Auto Apply (SALE)
    • Apply this promotion on all orders while it is active.
  • Allow this Promotion to be Combined with other Promotions
    • If unchecked, this Promo can only be used by itself on a given Order.
  • This Promotion is allowed with Free Shipping
    • Allow the promotion to be combined with a free shipping offer.
  • Require minimum order amount
    • Check this box to be prompted for a minimum value that the order must total before the promotion can be applied.
  • Products / Tickets
    • Selects the items for which this Promotion is value / invalid.
  • Active / Expiry Date
    • The valid date range through which this Promotion is valid.


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