Save Validation Errors

This article highlights some common validation errors upon saving content.

Error: An error occurred saving Content. The 'xyz' field must have unique values, and the value 'abc' is already in use in this Locale.


Description: This error means that the 'label' field (the field name in the current content model) has been marked to be 'Unique in each locale'. In this case, 'test' is the value of the field that is causing the conflict.


Resolution: Ensure you use a unique value for the field in question. If these values should NOT have a unique constraint, then contact your development team and inquire if the restriction can be removed.

Steps to Remove:

  1. Login to Agility
  2. Go to Models
  3. Go to Content Models
  4. Select your Content Model
  5. Click 'Edit' on the field you wish to remove the constraint
  6. Under 'Advanced Settings', uncheck the 'Unique' checkbox.
  7. Save and close.
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