Getting Started: Import Content

The Import functionality in Agility allows you to mass-import content as well as Linked Content which previous imports did not allow for.

What’s truly beneficial about this functionality is that now you can Export content in one language, make changes to that Export, and then reimport into a new language.  

To being Importing content:

Export your current content list. To learn how to Export content, click here.

Using your Export, update/enter any new content you would like to add

**Please Note:

There are 2 new mandatory columns that need to be on every Excel file to Agility to handle linked content, pages, modules, etc. all in the same file.

The column names are: 

  • Agility_ContentID  -  this is the ContentID of an existing item. If you are importing new items, the   value can be blank 
  • Agility_ContainerName  -  this is the reference name of the list to import into


Once you have saved your Import and its changes, click on the Import button

Select your Import FROM Language and your Import TO Language

Import From Language: This is the original language from which you are importing from. In this case, we are importing FROM English.

Import To Language: This is the language where you are you Importing into. In this case, we are Importing FROM ENGLISH to FRENCH.


Once you choose your file, click START IMPORT
*Note: There will be a popup stating that this import will overwrite items. The ONLY items that will be overwritten are the changes that you have made. All other content will stay the same.


As a security measure, you will be prompted again with a popup. 


Once the Import is complete, there will be a Green status success bar








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