Getting Started: Deletions and Restorations

We have all accidentally deleted content before, here is what to do in case you encounter any of these scenarios:

If you accidentally delete any files within your Assets folder, you can simply locate and restore them from the Recycling Bin


If a Module has been deleted within a Page, you can revert this deletion by using the History tab and selecting the last date you wish to restore the Page


 By Clicking on the History tab, you are able to view and recover previously deleted Modules or Content. Once you have selected the Date you wish to revert to, click on ‘RECOVER THIS VERSION’


*Please Note: PAGES that get deleted are not able to be recovered from the Agility Manager. If a page has been deleted from your site and you wish to recover it, please contact 

Due to this, Agility has introduced an added security function when deleting pages; the user must now type out the page name before being able to delete the desired page.



*Quick Tip: 

I deleted a Page, but I can still see it in my website tree with a red “!” symbol

If you had deleted a page but are still seeing it in your site tree with a red symbol, it is because that page is also initialized in another language. The page will need to be deleted in all of the languages it has been initialized in to be removed from your site tree.








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