Quick Tips: Importing URL Redirections

Agility gives the user the ability to import URL redirections. This is very helpful when trying to update 2 or more URLs at the same time.

Let’s try it out!

Navigate to the URL Redirections page: Settings > Global Content > URL Redirections

First, export the existing URL redirect list. This will provide you with the template to import later.



Example of Exported URL Redirect List



Next, fill out the required fields.
To learn more about the Components of URL redirections (OriginURL, DestinationURL, HTTP Code etc.) click here:


Example: I want to redirect both my ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ page back to my homepage


Once you have made your changes, click SAVE.


Next, IMPORT the updated excel list to Agility


*Please note: Any existing URLs that do not have changes that are re-imported will be ignored and unchanged.













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