Quick Tips: Rich Text Editor


Have you or team encountered any issues when copying over content from old HTML into our Rich Text Editor? (Selectors in content not working, Breaks being added (br tags), Headings being applied to other paragraphs etc.)

Try this: 

If your team is encountering errors when copying over content from older HTML, check to ensure that there are no <b> tags being used. 

Replacing all <b> tags with <strong> tags before pasting into the editor will alleviate these issues. 


*Note: We are currently working to update our Editor where situations as these will be automatically handled. Stay tuned!




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  • Just came across this issue today. When typing in a <b>Bold</b>, everything looks okay and saves. But when the code is opened up again, extra <br>'s are added and all is a mess. This is definitely a bug rather than a tip :)

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