Page Scheduling

In this article, we'll talk about Page Scheduling.


With any Page, you can set the schedule with a Release Date or a Pull date.    Note that you must click "Publish" after setting the scheduling information to tell Agility to start the schedule for that version of the item.

Release Date

If a page is currently live on the website and you add a Release Date to it in the future, that page will be taken down off the website until the Release Date passes.

Pull Date

Set the pull date on a page to have it taken down from the site on a given date and time.

Redirect URL

Set the redirect URL on a page if you wish to redirect to another page before the Release Date has elapsed or after the Pull Date has passed.

Note: that because of caching, there may be up to a 15-minute delay before a page is pulled or released to the site.  If you need up to the minute precision, you should contact your implementation partner to ensure the cache can be cleared for your content to be released at that moment.

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