Project Success Plan


Whether it's your first Agility project or you're a seasoned veteran - we can help set you up for success.

At Agility, we know a thing or two about building websites. We've had over 15 years experience building all sorts of digital things. We want to share our knowledge with you and empower you to build amazing solutions.

We'll work with your team to follow best-practices in technical and CMS architecture, provide tailored support to your developers, and be there for you during your project launch.

Want to set yourself up for success? Contact us for more information.

The Plan

You'll get a dedicated member of the Partner Success team who will support you using various mediums such as workshops, meetings, and direct support across all phases of the project from Planning, Development, to Launch. 

A Note on Training

It's recommended that developers already be a little familiar with how Agility works before they start development on a real project. We offer a free sandbox that developers can use to play around and get familiar with things. We often find its best for developers to start learning Agility just before they start on a real project so they can immediately put to practice what they learn.


  • Project Kick-Off Meeting - we work with you to understand the goals of the project, define roles, and stakeholders

  • Wireframe Review + Architecture Workshop - in-person/remote session where we review your early designs and provide guidance on CMS architecture

  • Architecture Review - we'll help you validate your CMS architecture to make sure it stands up to a stress-test


  • Dev Kick-Off Meeting - we'll get you started with an MVC template, ensure you can run the project locally, assist in setting up your UAT/Staging website environment, and test doing a deployment

  • Developer Support - we know your project so we can provide tailored developer support via email and screen-sharing throughout all phases. Scheduled check-ins are recommended


  • Launch Preparation Meeting - we'll help you build a list of launch tasks, things you need to do before, during, and after



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