Developer Downloads


Developer Downloads contains a list of download links to the latest Agility code files. These files are used within your website and enable communication with the Content Server, UGC, and other additional features. Developer Downloads can be accessed through your website’s Agility instance.


The compiled Agility CMS .NET API for communication with the Agility Content Server from your website. Your website should always be using the latest version. 


Get the latest JavaScript SDK for accessing the Agility UGC instance. This file should be added to your website if you are using UGC client side. 


Get the latest Service Endpoint file that can be placed in the website root to access the WCM OData API. This is designed to be used by external web services and applications such as mobile apps. 


Get the latest SOAP SDK for accessing the Agility UGC Service using WCF. This should be added to your website if you are using UGC server side. 

Content Definition API

Used to implement strongly typed API requests along with the Agility.Web. Contains a series of C# partial classes that contain all properties for all content definitions and module definitions defined in this instance. After creating or editing a module or content definition, this file should be downloaded and updated in your website code.

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