Adding Global Analytics Scripts Through Agility

Adding global analytics scripts to your Agility managed site is a simple task and is most commonly handled through the “Global Scripts” section under “Settings”.  Analytics scripts can include Google Analytics / Tag Manager, Omniture, Comscore Beacon, and almost any other similar script that needs to be added to the header or footer of your global page templates.

  1. From the Agility Dashboard click on “Settings” along the top navigation

  2. Once on the “Settings Page”, click on “Global Scripts” 

  3. In order for “Global Scripts” to work, you must first check the “Enable global scripts” checkbox at the top of the page.

  4. You will now have 2 options for placing your script.  You may either paste it into the “Top Script” or “Bottom Script” text box.  “Top Script” will place the script within the <head> tag and “Bottom Script” will place the script at the bottom of your page.  In most cases, you will want your analytics code to be placed at the bottom of your page.

  5. Once you have pasted in all of your scripts, simply click the “OK” button at the bottom of the form.  Your scripts will be immediately added to your site.


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