UCG Website Users with External Providers


Agility CMS developers can augment UGC Profiles in order to allow users to authenticate using a variety of external providers such as Facebook Connect or OpenID. Typically these services provide a unique key with which you can associate users of the external provider with a UGC Profile. Integrating with these services usually involves performing authentication as described in that service's documentation and then storing that unique key as a part of the user's UGC Profile.

For example, to use Facebook as a secondary login provider, you could:

  • Include a Facebook login button on your site's login and registration forms.
  • Once the user has logged in using Facebook, you will be able to retrieve the user's ID using FB.getSession().uid. 
  • Store this information in a field on your Profile type, as well as any other information you may need from the user's info, as an alternative to requesting a username and password.
  • When a user successfully logs in using Facebook, you can search your Profiles for a user with a matching Facebook user ID to know whether the user has previously logged in or needs to be created.
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