Resolving the UGC Error: The current system does not have 'xxxx' access


If you are creating UGC or Website User definitions in Agility, likely your website will be interfacing with this content as well. It may be reading and or writing to these lists. By default, Agility keeps these lists inaccessible to the website for security reasons. 

This means you need to explicitly give the website access to these lists. You can identify this error by examining the response from UGC. It will say this:

"The current system does not have {{access name}} access to {{UGC list name}}"

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Login to Agility and go to Settings > UGC Definitions (or Website Users if this is for  login profiles)

  2. Select the definition from the list to open the details of the definition (this is the same list that will be mentioned in the error message)

  3. Select the tab API Access

  4. Click the + icon to add access and select Website under System Name and then select the appropriate Access Level. If you are only reading from this records, Read access would be recommended. If you need to create records only, such as in a form submission, select Create. If you will modifying existing records select Edit. If you will be deleting items, select Delete. If you need full access, you can select Administrator


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