Getting Started: Collaborate with your Team using the Approval Workflow


Agility gives you the ability to control the content that gets published live to your website through our Publishing Approval Workflow. This is specifically useful if your team would like users to be able to update content on a specific module but restricting access to publish the whole page. 

Enabling Workflow on Shared Content 

To begin, you will first need to "Enable Approval Workflow" on the module:

1. Select the Shared Content List you would like to enable the Workflow on
2. Click on the SETTINGS tab
3. Click the "Enable Approval Workflow on this Item" Checkbox and click SAVE



Workflow Roles

The general roles that are used in this workflow are as follows:

Editor > Publisher > Manager 

Editor Role:

Editors can only make changes to modules on a page, but cannot publish content. Once a change has been completed, they can send a "Request Approval" request to the person (Publisher) who is responsible for approving the changes.



Publisher Role: 

Publishers are able to edit modules (make changes, save, publish, and unpublish) and can publish and unpublish pages. 

The Publisher will receive an Alert in their 'Tasks' notifications that a change has been made on a module and is requesting approval. The Publisher can navigate to the content item that was changed by clicking on the Location link. 


The Publisher can either DECLINE or APPROVE of the changes made. If DECLINED, the Editor will receive a task notification that it has been declined, and to review your changes. The Editor will receive a task notification if the changes have been APPROVED. Once approved, the Publisher can Publish the changes. 






Manager Role: 

The main difference between a Publisher and a Manager role is that Managers are able to create or delete modules, whereas Publishers can only edit modules. 

Managers can be set up to receive alerts when content has been published on a specific page or module. 


***Please Note: In order to receive email notifications for content changes on a page or module, the correct ALERTS must be set up

 **To learn more about how to set up ALERTS to receive email notifications when content changes occur, click here. 

**To Learn how to set up User Roles, click here





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