Setting Up Stripe and Payworks with Agility



1.      Create Stripe Account

First, create a Stripe account and then add the location as the Account Name


It is important to create ALL Stripe accounts before moving on to the next step

2.      Set Up Payment Providers in Agility 

In Agility, navigate to Ecommerce > Ecommerce Settings > Payment Providers. Here you will have to add a new payment provider for each location (Stripe Account)


 After selecting New, you are brought to the new Payment Provider input form. Here is where you can add the information and connect your account. Once complete, choose Stripe as your payment type and select on the Connect with Stripe button.



After selecting connect, you will be brought to a page where you can choose which account you would like to connect to Agility. After filling out all of the information, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Authorize access to this account.


Finally, you will be brought back to Agility where the Other Settings field will now be filled out with the connected Stripe information.


3.      Create Payworks Merchant

Once logged into Payworks, select the Create new merchant button



You will need to create a new merchant for each Stripe account. Once you have filled out the information, select on the Attach processing path button. This is how you attach it to your Stripe account.



Select Stripe as the Clearing Institute

Secret Key: this is an Agility Secret Key that will be provided outside this document

Stripe Account ID: You are able to find this in the Agility payment provider for each stripe account under Other Settings >> ConnectUserID. This is how you connect each payworks merchant to each Stripe Account.


Next, you will be able to add your readers to that location. At the bottom of the add merchant form, there is an option to attach readers.



Selecting Attach reader will open a dialog where you can select which reader is associated with this account/location. Make sure to register your readers with Payworks before this step.


Once complete, select the Add merchant button at the bottom of the page.

Now you can grab the Merchant ID and Secret Key from payworks and add this into Agility.

Go into the merchant you just created in Payworks and view the Merchant information

Copy the Merchant Identifier and paste it into Agility

Create the Merchant Secret Key and paste into Agility. Remember that this can only be used once, if recreated it will also need to be updated in Agility


Finally, save your Payment Provider and you're done!


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