Previewing Shared Content


This article will walk through how to set up page previewing for a dynamic page that you may have on your site.


Navigate to Shared Content and then click on the Dynamic Page List that of your content. In this case, my list is called 'Products'

1. Click on the Settings Tab


Here, you will need to set up the ‘List Preview Page’ field and the ‘Item Preview Page’ field.

List Preview Page - This is the listing page where the content items are displayed. In my example, this is the products page.

Item Preview Page - This is the dynamic page of the content item. In my case, this is a specific product's page.


2. Clicking on the Link button will allow you to link the respective pages 

You will be prompted with a slide out where you can link the respective pages


Click SAVE and then PUBLISH to apply your changes



1. Go to your Shared Content


2. Select a content item to modify. Make a change and click SAVE (the content item should now be in Staging) 


3. Click on Preview


4. You're Done!








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