Mapping Domains to Specific Languages


A customer reached out to us and asked how to map their Canadian website to their Canadian language code (en-ca) since it was currently pointing to their US language code (en-us).


There are a few moving pieces that will need to be done. This guide will walk you through how this was done and hopefully to help better understand the process.


First, we asked if they had already had the .ca domain for their current site. In addition, there should also be an SSL for the new domain as well.


Next, we asked the team to follow these steps:

  1. After ensuring that the .ca domain has been acquired, (Settings > Site Configuration > Domain Configuration) go to and create a new domain configuration for .ca
  2. Once that is set up, the last step will be to use the Wildcard Redirect in Agility to ensure that the .ca site is now using the en-ca language code. (Domain URL is using the Default language - see screenshot below)


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