An error occurred saving Content. The 'X' field must have unique values, and the value 'XXX' is already in use in 'XYZ' language


If you receive this error while saving content in Agility. This means that the field mentioned in the error message has the Unique in each Language property set to True.

This will prevent a content item from having the same value as an item in the current language or any other language. To work around this, enter a unique value.

If you wish to allow this, you simply need to remove the Unique in each Language constraint and set that property to False.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then, select Content Definitions
  3. Select the definition you are having the issue with
  4. Select the Field from the Form Builder tab and deselect the Unique in each Language property

  5. Click Save & Close on the field and then Save & Close to save the Content Definition
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