Setting Up Approval Workflow

Agility gives you the ability to control the content that gets published live on your website through our Publishing Approval Workflow.

This guide will walk you through setting up this Publishing Approval Workflow. 

Before we start, there are a few things to take note of, the Publishing Workflow is comprised of three parts: 

  1. Enable Approval Workflow
  2. Setting up Workflow Roles
  3. Setting up Alert Notifications

Enabling Approval Workflow

To enable the Approval Workflow:

  1. Select the page you wish to enable the Approval Workflow on.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on the Enable Approval Workflow on this Page checkbox.
  4. Click Save.


Setting up Workflow Roles

Before setting up the Workflow Roles, we will go over the types of roles used for this workflow.

There are 3 general roles that are used in this workflow: 

  1. Editor
  2. Publisher
  3. Manager

Editor Role

Editors can only make changes to modules and cannot publish content. Once a change has been completed, they can send a "Request Approval" request to the person (Publisher) who is responsible for approving the changes.



Publishers are able to edit modules (make changes, save, publish, and unpublish) and can publish and unpublish pages. The Publisher will receive an Alert in their 'Tasks' notifications that a change has been made on a module and is requesting approval.



The main difference between a Publisher and a Manager role is that Managers are able to create or delete modules, whereas Publishers can only edit modules. 

Managers can be set up to receive alerts when content has been published on a specific page or module. 

Setting Up Roles

Users with Administrator access have the ability to change a user's role. To set up or edit a User and their role, go to Settings > User Management.

For more information see: User Management for Admins

Setting up Alert Notifications

Agility allows users to set up email alerts to be notified when there are content changes done to a page or module. There are different types of alerts that can be set up.

Here is a breakdown of the most common alert types:

  • Update: Users will receive an email notification when content has been updated.
  • Approve: Users will receive an email notification when content changes have been Approved.
  • Decline: Users will receive an email notification when content changes have been Declined.
  • Request Approval: Users will receive an email notification when Content is pending Approval (waiting to be approved).
  • Publish: Users will receive an email notification when content items are published.

How to Set Up Alert Notifications

To set up Alert Notifications, select the desired Page/Content, then click Alerts. Click on the '+' icon to add a new Alert.


Next, select the user you wish to add an alert to, then select the alert type you would like to add to the user and click Add Alerts.




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