Retrieving your API Key(s), Guid, and API URL


Making a call to the Content Fetch API requires that you know your API KeyAPI URL (if calling the REST API directly over HTTP), or your GUID and Live/Preview API Keys if you are using an official SDK. 

See Authenticating your Content Fetch API Calls for details.

Retrieving your Values

  1. Login to Agility CMS.

  2. On the Getting Started Page, you can retrieve see values for your Instance GUID and API URLs by clicking the API Keys button. You can click Show API Key(s) to see those values.



Retrieving your Security Key

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Security, then scroll down till you find your Security Key.



Managing Your API Keys from Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > API Keys.

  2. Select a key from the list (defaultlive key and defaultpreview key are created for you by default).  Note that using a preview API Key will return you the latest content, while the fetch API Key will only return you published content.


  3. In the above ^ example, we can extract the values as:
    baseUrl: "",
    guid: "046a1a87",
    apiKey: "defaultlive.2b7f3a91559d794bed************

Now you are ready to make your first API call.

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