Introduction to Content Fetch REST API

The Content Fetch API is a REST API endpoint for all of your Content and Pages in your Agility CMS instance. It is hosted and maintained by Agility and does not require any setup or other web hosts.

You can get started with the Content Fetch API for Free (forever) today.


  • Freedom - You can use any programming language or framework to get content from Agility CMS

  • It's fast! - API requests never hit your content database, won't affect your CMS users, and can handle millions of requests

  • More stable - API requests are handled by a global CDN using Fastly CDN

  • Write less, and better performant code - this API will auto-resolve linked content dependencies so you don't have to make multiple API calls to get/sort the content you need

  • It's flexible - Just want to use Shared Content to manage structured content? Sure, go ahead. Want a more dynamic approach using Pages? You can do that too.

  • Reduced complexity - You don't need to be a full-stack developer to integrate with our CMS.


  • Get Content Item - Gets the details of a content item by their Content ID.

  • Get Content List - Gets a list of content items by Reference Name.

  • Get Page - Gets the details of a page including its content zones, each module (and its properties).

  • Get Sitemap Flat - Gets the sitemap, returned in a flat list, where the dictionary key is the page path- ideal for implementing page routing.

  • Get Sitemap Nested - Gets the sitemap as an array in a nested format, ideal for generating menus.


  • Open API standard using Swagger

  • All requests are GET methods

  • All responses are returned as JSON

Available SDKs

We are striving to provide SDKs  (official and community-based) for all major programming languages, and more will be added to this list over time.


Exploring the Content Fetch API using Swagger

Authenticating your Content Fetch API Calls

Retrieving your API Key(s), Guid, and API URL

Making your First API Call with the Content Fetch API

Calling the Content Fetch API using the JavaScript SDK

Use Cases

  • You prefer a Headless CMS architecture

  • You have multiple platforms such as a website, iOS and/or Android app and want a single source of content

  • You want to build a website using a static site generator such as Gatsby JS

  • You need to consume content on-demand from a CMS

  • You have a tech stack that contains different programming languages and frameworks and you need a platform-agnostic approach to consuming content from a CMS

  • You have an existing site that you want to power some content from a CMS without having to re-write the whole site

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