Developing with Agility CMS

Welcome to the world of development with Agility CMS! 👋 

🌐 Agility is a cloud-hosted Headless CMS 

You develop and deploy your website (or app, IoT device, etc.) outside of Agility and pull-in content using our platform SDKs or REST API. 

Agility CMS is built to be flexible and powerful so you can design a solution that suits your needs.

Being headless, there are infinite ways to integrate with Agility CMS, and this page is designed to help you get started on the right track.

The first step is to pick the tech stack you will be developing in. To help with this, we have a number of starters available for each website framework. They showcase best-practices for building a site that integrates with Agility CMS using Page Management and we think they are the best way to get started and learn Agility CMS. 

Pick your website platform. 

Not building a website or looking for additional platform support?

You can use our JS SDK, .NET SDK, or our REST API directly. We're also open to working with you to build new SDKs in other languages! Please reach out to us and we'd be happy to discuss.

Key Concepts

We recommend you understand the main concepts of Agility CMS.

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