About the Content Management API

This is the official JavaScript library for inserting, updating, managing, and importing content, pages, and media in your Agility CMS instance.

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Full documentation for this SDK can be found in our Agility Management JS SDK Reference Doc

For docs & help around Agility CMS, please see Agility CMS Documentation


Agility Instance Management Content Management Media Management
  • Get API - Get the API client to your Agility CMS Instance
  • Approve Content - Approve a given content item
  • Get Media ID - Get a media item by name
  • Decline Content - Decline a given content item
  • Upload Media - Upload a media item
  • Delete Content - Delete a given content item
  • Publish Content - Publish a given content item
  • Request Approval - Request approval for a given content item
  • Save Content Item - Save a given content item
  • Unpublish Content - Unpublish a given content item


Use Cases

  • You prefer a Headless CMS architecture

  • You have multiple platforms such as a website, iOS and/or Android app and want a single source of content

  • You want to build a website using a static site generator such as Gatsby JS

  • You need to consume content on-demand from a CMS

  • You need to manage content on-demand from a CMS
  • You have a tech stack that contains different programming languages and frameworks and you need a platform-agnostic approach to consuming content from a CMS

  • You have an existing site that you want to power some content from a CMS without having to re-write the whole site


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