How to Set Character Limits on Fields

Often users are required to set limits to fields of text. Character limits can come from brand and style requirements to maintain brand compliance. Or to support rendering content on mobile devices with smaller screens.

By setting character limits the user is automatically blocked from entering characters when the text reaches the maximum character allowed. This removes human error and saves a lot of time and resources reviewing and fixing content.

Agility provides a quick and easy way to set character limits on Fields for both Content and Module definitions.

  1. Navigate to agility Settings


  2. Select Content Definitions or Module Definitions (for this example I will be using Content Definitions)


  3. Click on the desired content definition


  4. Click on Form Builder tab


  5. Either create a new Text field or left-click an existing Text field


  6. There is a Valid Properties section which contains a Maximum Length field where you can set the maximum characters allowed for the Text field


    Maximum Length

    Please note the maximum length applies for characters not words


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