How to Create Page Templates

Page Templates represent a page layout. You often will have different templates for a home page, landing pages, and other internal pages. A developer decides how the template is rendered into HTML.

To manage Page Templates do the following:

1. Navigate to page templates by clicking on Models > Page Templates


Each page template has the following items:

The name of the Page Templates.
Content Zone(s)
Are zones that are defined in the Page Templates by the user where you can add/delete modules and organize your page structure.

.NET Specific Fields

Please note if your website is using .NET you will see an Output field that displays the path to the view file (.cshtml)

2. Click on 'Add'



3. Enter the Name of the Page Template



4. If the site is .NET enter the Output Type and Relative URL if not this section will be hidden


5. Add Content Zones by clicking '+'


6. Fill in Display Name (this will automatically populate the Reference Name) and if desired add Default Modules that will be automatically added to the page template by clicking the '+'


Shared Module Zone

A shared module zone is when you specify a content zone that it will be shared across all pages that use the same template. For example, if you had a sidebar content zone and you want the content to be the same across multiple pages.

Developer 101 - Lab: Define and Create a Page Template with a Shared Module Zone


Now you can see your newly created Page Template in the list.




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