How to Create a Content Model

Content Models are the most important aspect of a Content First approach. You want to think about your content without thinking about where it is going. Make it reusable, flexible, and easy to manage.

To create a new Content Model do the following:

1. Navigate to Models > Content Models


Each Content Model has the following items:

The friendly display name of the Content Model that will show in Content Manager.
Content Type
The type of the Content Model - can either be a single Content Item or a list of Content Items
The description is a field that describes what the Content Model is used for in content management.
Last Modified Date
The date the Content Model was last modified.
The user who last modified the Content Model.

2. Click on Add


3. Enter the Title, Description and Content Type of the Content Model


Now you are able to add Definition Fields to your content item. To start adding fields click the '+ Add Field' button shown below.


Definition Fields

There many different types of fields you can add to your Content Model.


All fields have a Field Label and Description and have the option of being Required/Not Required and Field Displayed/Hidden.

The most popular and most used Definition Fields are defined below.

Text - How to Add a Text Field Type

Image - How to Add an Image Field Type

HTML - How to Add a HTML Field Type

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