How to Import Content that contains Child Content

Agility offers you the ability to import and export content via Excel, however, it is also important to note that you are also able to import and export child content. Let’s look at how this can be done. 

As an example, here is a list of Properties (Content List), that can contain Linked Content to another Content List named Spaces.


Under Shared Content, I created 3 new Properties in our Property list: 


However, I did not add any Spaces to any of the Properties yet, I'll export these Properties to an Excel file, add Spaces to our Properties, then import back the Excel file. 

 Click on Export, export for Regular Format, then download the file. When we open the Excel file, we’ll see the information about our Properties: 


Some important values to note here would be the ones in our “Spaces” column. This is the Reference Name for our Linked Content and we will use these to attach the Spaces to Properties (i.e. Spaces for the Agility Large Property will use Properties_Spaces and Spaces for the Agility Small Property will use Properties_Spaces39). 

We can add a new sheet to this Excel file named “Spaces” and fill out some important information we’ll need to be able to import these spaces and link them to its respective Property: 


Agility_ContentID & Agility_VersionID These do not require values as Agility will populate these upon import. 

Agility_LanguageCode: Required Field. 

Agility_StateMay be set to Staging or Published depending on your use case. 

Agility_ContainerNameThis will be relating to the important values or “Reference Names” we mentioned earlier: 

  • To add Spaces to the Agility Large Property, we’ll use Properties_Spaces 
  • To add Spaces to the Agility Medium Property, we’ll use Properties_Spaces38 
  • To add Spaces to the Agility Small Property, we’ll use Properties_Spaces39 

 Title: This is just a Text Field set up to describe the Space and will be different depending on your use case. 

We can save our Properties & Spaces sheets, export it, and head back into the Agility dashboard to import our new data. Head to Properties under Shared Content and import our updated Excel file. 


Once complete we can select a Property from our list and see the new Spaces we’ve created and imported:


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