Configure Vercel Production and Preview Domain in Agility CMS


Previewing content prior to publishing is crucial for Editors. Vercel supports Previews out of the box and enables Editors to preview content in real-time as they are making edits within Agility CMS!

To set up Preview, head into your Agility CMS Manager and navigate to Domain Configuration under Settings. From there select "Website". Add a new Website Domain, give it a name and use your Vercel Deploy URL as the Domain URL. We can use this for both Preview and Production.


To make sure that our Preview Environment is set up correctly, hit save, and let's update some content and Preview these changes.

In your Agility CMS Manager, head to Pages and select the Home page, let's edit some content in the Rich Text Area located within the Main Content Zone.


Once you updated some content, you can hit the Preview button and a new browser tab will open up a Preview Environment where you can view your updated content!



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