Instances and Starter Templates

An instance represents a dedicated area for your editors to log in, create, manage, and publish content with ease.


The way you configure your instance is up to you. An instance can represent a single website or app, or you could take a multi-tenanted approach where you are powering content for multiple websites. You can have access to many different instances, either grouped in your own organization or across different organizations.

An instance has a corresponding plan/subscription which dictates certain limits and features.

  • Unlimited flexibility - you can customize your content and its structure so it fits your exact use case
  • Grows with you - you can start from a Free plan, monitor your usage, and upgrade as you need to, instantly with our self-service plan management
  • Stay in control- you control which users get access to each instance, content workflows, and if they have permissions to create, modify, and publish content
  • Get support - use our community support or upgrade to a Pro plan for dedicated email support and SLAs

Starter Templates

When you create a new instance, you can choose whether to start with a blank instance or from one of our curated starter templates.


Starter templates allow you to get started quickly using Agility CMS with pre-configured content models and a website deployment that works out-of-the-box. These are great ways to learn Agility CMS concepts and to get a site up and running fast!

  • From 0-60 fast! - In minutes, get an instance up and the website deployed so you can start previewing and publishing content updates to your website, all without a developer!
  • Better user onboarding - New to Agility? Run through our built-in onboarding guides to learn our core concepts
  • Deploy your website with ease - automatic integrations with hosting providers makes it quick,  and painless to deploy your starter site



We are working to add more starters to showcase more functionality and support for other frameworks. We will also be introducing new hosting integrations such as Netlify, Gatsby Cloud, and Azure.

Monitor your Usage


Easily monitor your usage and know when you are hitting your limits. Compare our plans today to see where you fit in.

Upgrading your Plan


You can upgrade your Agility CMS instance at any time. Consider changing your plan if you require more users, dedicated support, or more bandwidth.



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