Introduction to Locales

Content comes in many forms, and often, you may want different content to reach different people across the world. There may come a time where you want a blog post in both English and French, or a landing page in both Dutch and German.

Agility CMS offers unlimited Locales for free right out of the box. Initialize and create pages and content based on the locale(s) you have set up within your instance.

If your instance has multiple locales, you will be able to toggle between them through the locales dropdown on the Pages and Content section in the CMS.


In Agility, standardized codes are used to give you fine-grain control of your locales. Most locales use standardized codes that include both the language and the region, such as:

  • English - Canada (en-ca)
  • French - Canada (fr-ca)

Add a New Locale

Learn how to add and configure locales in your Agility CMS instance.

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